Dental trends to watch

Trend to Watch: Holistic Dentistry

Forget screams from the dentist’s chair, the latest dental clinics have calming essential oils, soothing music and organic tea. You’ll actually want to go for regular check-ups, rather than put them off. Plus, holistic dentists don’t just focus on the health of your teeth, but your total wellbeing. Their expertise often extends to sleeping problems, headaches, jaw issues and breathing, as they believe all of the above are intrinsically linked.

One of the first of its kind in Australia, holistic dentist Happy Teeth in Sydney (, offers a peaceful experience that opens up a whole new world to dentist-goers, particularly the more anxious patients. You’re greeted with herbal tea on arrival and after a check-up during which you’ll be hooked to an iPod playing relaxing music and watch a video designed to take your mind of what’s going on in your mouth, you can hit the private “Relaxation Room”. This is decked out with a massage lounge, more music and a stress-alleviating oil diffuser. It’s all very Zen.

An appointment costs slightly more than your usual dentist’s visits, but hey, if it saves you a bunch of fillings in the long run, it’s probably worth it. With more of its kind sure to roll out soon, head to or for info and updates.