General Dentistry

General Dental Care: Relaxed, Calm and Soothing  

Be Excited to Go to the Dentist!

Smile though your tooth is aching! But you really can’t! We know how your first tooth extraction feels, having the pain even with anaesthesia!

But never be afraid again!  We care for our patients in a relaxed, calm and soothing way. Whether you have cavities, injured, displaced or missing teeth, inflamed or infected tooth nerve or even chronic pain, we have the best option for you!

Outstanding General Dentistry Services

At Happy Teeth, our holistic treatments for your teeth are gentle and caring.  We want your experience to be serene to ensure your dental health, with these outstanding services:

  • Amalgam and Heavy Metal Removals – For your cracked amalgam fillings or simply want them replaced, we take precautions for your health and protect you from further mercury exposure. We also offer detox cleansing before or after removing your amalgam fillings.
  • White Resin Fillings – We offer these tooth-coloured fillings which provide durability and resistance to fracture. They look like natural teeth!
  • Dental Implants – For your missing teeth, we offer tooth-like structures embedded on jaw bones that should be left to grow from 3-6 months before topping with a crown.
  • Root Canal Therapy – As an alternative to tooth removal, we offer this dental procedure where a tooth with an inflamed or infected nerve is cleansed and filled.  We consider factors first, before we recommend this treatment.
  • Trauma Dentistry – We treat trauma to restore your tooth back to health as quickly as possible, before irreversible tooth pain sets in!
  • Chronic Pain Assessment – We know that chronic pain can disable or decrease your quality of life. We offer clinical assessment to identify if dental factors contribute to your problem.

At Happy Teeth, we review and assess your dental and health conditions thoroughly before recommending a treatment.  For any of these dental conditions, call us today!