Beauty How-To: The Perfect Smile

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Every girl knows the importance of a perfect smile, but we don’t always look after our teeth as well as we should!

As summer sets in and we prepare for bikini season, we should all be thinking about spring cleaning those pearly whties too.

According to Dr Nader Malik, who is the founder of Happy Teeth (a wholistic dentist) there has been a recent rapid increase in bookings for people who want healthy, white teeth to compliment their tan in summer.

The preferred method of Holistic medicine is rapidly growing within Australia as we search for an unsterile and welcoming experience when dealing with medical practices.

Happy Teeth offer an array of services including dental care, tooth whitening, orthodontics, sleep apnoea and body alignment. There is also an amazing service that includes a session in the Relaxation Room which involves a massage chair, alpha music and alkaline water… bliss!

If you are keen on updating your smile for summer head to the Happy Teeth website here to book in a consultation.