Health and Pain Assessment

BHave you suffered with chronic pain or health issues for some time now? According to the US Center for Health Statistics, a “chronic medical condition” is one that has persisted for more than 3 months. Examples of chronic medical illnesses are diabetes, cardiovascular disease and ongoing head, neck or back pain.

What value does holistic dentistry play in assessing chronic health or pain issues? It might surprise you to know that many so-called “chronic medical conditions” may be made worse by conditions in the mouth or may actually be the origin of the problem!

For example, did you know that your jaw can mimic multiple medical conditions and that poor breathing at night can contribute to reflux disease? You can click on this LINK to read our blog on how reflux pain can be a sign of breathing problems at night.

Having spent the past two decades understanding how the mouth and teeth affect the rest of the body, we can share the following success stories:

1) A 34 year old woman who had a lower premolar tooth removed 5 years was suffering with right-sided pelvic pain. All her pelvic pain was relieved when her jaw support was restored.

2) A 54 yr lady with chronic sinusitis and reflux disease began to clear her sinuses and gain relief from her reflux when her poor breathing was corrected at night.

3) A 36 year old male with severe chronic headaches with no lasting relief was relieved of his headaches by eliminating the inflammation present in his jaw and neck region.

You will achieve the maximum improvement to your health when:

1) The causes of your the illness are identified;

2) Other health-care providers are involved to help support your dental therapy (such doctors, nutritionists and physical therapists);

3) You have a positive attitude to desiring health.

If you have been suffering with chronic health or pain issues and have not received any real answers for your medical problems then we can offer you a clinical assessment to determine if we can identify any dental factors that are contributing to your problems.