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Recovery Spa

As part of the holistic way we take your tooth and related health care beyond plain dentistry, Happy Teeth created our exclusive Recovery Spa®.

The Happy Teeth Recovery Spa® is designed to help you feel relaxed and happy with your visit, from when you arrive to when you leave.

You’ll be welcomed at Happy Teeth with soothing music, hot organic beverages, the aroma of detoxing organic oils. After your caring, careful treatment welcomes you with 30 minutes of complete privacy so you can relax and unwind in total serenity, with:

  • A relaxing Japanese designed massage chair
  • Soothing hot towel therapy
  • Your choice of colognes and perfumes
  • Detoxing alkaline drinking water or tea or coffee
  • Specially selected, health-related reading material
  • Soothing massage to help you relax, forget stress and recover faster

The Happy Teeth Recovery Spa® is more than just a pampering, pleasurable experience. It is essential to your complete dental treatment as it all works together in harmony with your body to give it the best possible opportunity to heal after dental work.