Office Tooth Whitening

Office tooth whitening or “in-chair” whitening as it is more often known is the direct application of a high-strength bleaching gel to the teeth to lighten their colour. Modern day in-chair whitening is performed using a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide (typically 35 − 40% hydrogen peroxide) and can only be applied by a qualified dentist in Australia.

Because of the high concentration of peroxides used in this procedure it is imperative that the gums are properly protected from exposure to the bleaching gels and suction used to dry up any excess gels.

In the past few years there has been controversy in Australia as to who should be permitted to whiten people’s teeth. Workers in the beauty industry contend that it is simply a “cosmetic procedure” and should be permitted to offer this service to their clients.

From a dentist’s viewpoint is not really about who should or should not be able to offer whitening. Our patients have recounted to us many stories of being disappointed with over the counter whitening kits sold through retail avenues or had their gums burnt by bleaching gels! Still other patients have reported that whilst on vacation they were promised that the 30 minute bleaching on offer would even whiten their dental crowns and fillings! Unfortunately all they got was a blotchy white appearance of their teeth.

In response to growing demand and the need to appeal to cater for different segments of the market, we offer both in-office tooth whitening and a more economical do it yourself home tooth whitening kit .

Patients can rest assured that the bleaching kits are safe and have been sourced from reputable dental supply companies here in Australia. Your teeth whitening done at Happy Teeth will always give the best possible result every time!