Fixed Dental Orthopaedics

Fixed dental orthopaedics is a dental service focused on establishing a normal jaw and dental relationship for a patient through the use of dental appliances that are “glued into” the patient’s mouth. Fixed dental orthopaedics is a very different treatment to routine “orthodontics” or tooth movement.

Before Fixed Dental Orthopaedics After fixed dental orthopaedics


The pictures above show the dramatic change in this patient’s mouth after wear of a fixed orthopaedic appliance for a few months prior to the use of fixed braces to complete her dental treatment.

Why would we recommend fixed dental orthopaedics for a you? There are several reasons:
1) Not enough room for your teeth – You were told to have teeth removed to make enough room for braces or aligners.
2) Chronic mouth breather – Your upper jaw appears very narrow, making breathing difficult,
3) Poor facial profile – Do you have a “sucken in” cheek bone appearance or flat upper face?

Fixer dental orthopaedics gives you the possibility of improving your jaw relationship, improve your breathing (and night sleeping) as well as improved energy levels in general. Whilst individual results vary between patients, we will discuss the various options with you and give you a clear indication of what benefits you are likely to experience if you are a suitable candidate for fixed dental orthopaedics.