cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Care in Complete Serenity

For Your Radiant Smile!

Impress your colleagues and peers with your new found confidence! Stun them with your personality! Flash that radiant smile with your clean, bright and shiny teeth!

We know how it feels when your tooth aches. You cannot smile at all! Our cosmetic dentistry services can address your most urgent dental needs.  Whether you have stained, worn out teeth, large cavities, cracked teeth or just want your fillings replaced, we have the right solution for your dental problems!

Excellent Services with a Holistic Approach

At Happy Teeth, we pride ourselves in providing a positive change for your teeth and smile to improve your appearance and self-esteem:

  • Office Tooth Whitening – We whiten your teeth while we protect your gums from bleaching gel exposure.
  • Home Tooth Whitening – We offer take-home whitening gels that come with a customised bleaching tray, so you can do it at home. And we examine your teeth and gums before you start.
  • Porcelain Onlays – Choose from our numerous metal-free porcelain onlays with a lifespan similar to metal fillings. They’re translucent to look like your teeth!
  • Dental Veneers – As short as 2 dental visits, we can change your smile!  We even provide “diagnostic wax ups” as your temporary veneers to try for a few weeks, before you decide on your final one.
  • Dental Crowns – For your discoloured or heavily filled teeth, we offer these crowns to improve and strengthen your teeth to restore their function.
  • Full Smile Design – For your worn out, short teeth or you’re unhappy with your mouth appearance, we offer this makeover to improve your smile!

At Happy Teeth, we take care of your teeth and your total health in complete serenity! Like every dental service we provide, we discuss all available options with you before any dental treatment. Call us today!