Along with whiter teeth, straight and aligned teeth are a high priority for most Australians. In addition to crowded teeth causing embarrassment, they can cause extra jaw strain, gum trauma and even breathing issues.

Since the landmark research done by Dr Weston Price in the 1920s, it has been shown that modern diet (high in refined carbohydrates and low in nutrition) contributes to poor jaw formation.

Other important factors affecting the way teeth grow include chronic sinus/nasal obstruction from allergies, infections or poor nasal passageways as well as genetic inheritance.

It is important to identify what causes and contributes to misaligned or crowded teeth before orthodontic treatment is commenced. For example, a person with nasal breathing issues needs them assessed and treated first.

In addition to the obvious dental health benefits, Dr Malik offers an additional cosmetic breakthrough: he uses invisible braces not the old-fashioned ‘birdcage’ ones! And…they cost less as well — by about half. They are comfortable, convenient, easy to maintain and assist with jaw alignment and adjust incorrect bite.