The Bride's Diary Article

The Bride’s Diary

There will probably be no other day when so many people will be looking at your smile — and therefore your teeth. Your teeth and smile deserve special attention for the big day! You’ll obviously want them to look their best, so it’s time for a visit to the dentist. But not just any dentist. It’s a special occasion and deserves a very special dentist: Dr Nader Malik at Happy Teeth.While most dentists make us at least a little scared (and often with good reason) Dr Malik takes a completely different view on what a visit to the dentist should be. Which is why he designed a visit to his Happy Teeth Dental Spa (not surgery) to be a totally different experience. When it comes to preparing your smile for your wedding day, you’ll find that his gentle, caring treatment leaves you relaxed, comfortable, calm and smiling.

You’ll notice the Happy Teeth difference from the minute you come into their peaceful reception area. It doesn’t look, feel or smell like a traditional dental surgery.

 The Zen garden atmosphere extends to the waiting area where you’ll relax to peaceful music and calming organic herbal teas, or filtered water if you prefer.
Feel yourself relax as you sense the aroma of organic oils diffusing in an ionic vaporiser. Browse through specially selected reading material about health, wellbeing and holistic lifestyles.

 In fact you’ll be so relaxed, you may well want to review your wedding plans, look through gift catalogues — or just kick back and get away from it all for a while.Like most brides, you’ll want the reassurance of a perfect smile, not just on the day itself but beyond. It’s likely you’ll want your teeth checked and, if necessary, treated. You’re also likely to want them cleaned and whitened, (thanks to coffee, tea, wine, foods, fluoride) not just for the look, but to act as a special boost to your confidence on your biggest day. Dr Malik’s whitening procedures are quick and effective. He will examine your teeth and advise whether this procedure is necessary or suitable for you.You may also feel your teeth could do with some orthodontic work, to make sure they are aligned and straight. In addition to the obvious dental and health benefits, Dr Malik offers an additional cosmetic breakthrough: he uses invisible braces, not the old-fashioned ‘birdcage’ ones. They not only look better; they cost less and well. And being invisible, you could actually wear them on your wedding day without anyone being any the wiser.Whether you need a simple clean-and-whiten or more complex procedures, you’ll be pampered in a serene, calm atmosphere with one less thing to worry about before your wedding day! Dr Nader Malik specialises in understanding and treating the strong links between dental and total body health.A firm believer in total patient health care, Dr Malik collaborates readily with medical doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists to ensure the best outcomes for his patients.