New beauty concept: A Dental Day Spa opens in Sydney

The Recovery Spa ™

The Recovery Spa ™

A quantum leap from the intimidating, sterile and frankly unpleasant ordeal many of us envisage a visit to the dentist to be, dental practices all over the world are morphing into something to really make you smile – the Dental Day Spa. This glamorous emerging global trend can be seen on the streets of London, Los Angeles and now Sydney with the opening of the Happy Teeth surgery.

An esteemed selection of dentists from around the world have recognised the missing link in the Dental industry – a genuine pampering experience that isn’t the subject of dread. Recently launched in the heart Sydney’s CBD, Happy Teeth is part of the Dental Day Spa revolution taking place all over the world. From chandeliers, massage chairs and herbal teas, to Happy Teeth’s world first – revolutionary calming Alpha Music designed to be a form of ‘conscious sedation’ – each Dental Day Spa has something unique to offer to its clientele.

“We wanted to create an environment that was supremely comfortable for the client. There are no harsh sterilized smells or threatening florescent lights, and we aim to strip away all the fear surrounding the dentist visit,” Dr Nader Malik from Happy Teeth commented.

New York is home to the famous Rozenburg’s Dental Day Spa, with leather couches, chandeliers, and aromatherapy candles – the casual
observer would never imagine this was a dental surgery.

“Everyone enjoys the peaceful and tranquil feeling of being pampered at the traditional day spa, and I’ve always wanted to translate that feeling into my practice,” Dr. Rozenberg of Rozenburg’s Dental Day Spa remarked. Other practices leading the Dental Day Spa movement include LA Dental Day
Spa, and Italy’s Sorriso Perfeito.

“The Dental Day Spa is about stripping away that innate fear of the dentist many of us are gripped with – the patient is not only provided with a state
of the art service, but an environment that is relaxing and healthy for them both inside and out,” Dr Malik added.