Dental hygiene provides clues to overall health

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It is widely known that a direct correlation exists between dental hygiene and overall health, but how do you spot the danger signs of bacteria that might be causing you problems elsewhere?

While many people fail to adequately take care of their dental health, it is impossible to overstate the importance of going a step further than just occasional check-ups at the dentist and regular brushing.

Dr Nader Malik, a holistic dental surgeon based in Sydney asserts: “The teeth and the entire mouth give us important clues as to what may be happening in a person’s body.”

“For example, a holistic dentist may see dental erosion being strongly linked to acid reflux or mineral imbalance, or chronic sinus congestion resulting from a poor tooth-to-jaw relationship,” Malik told Body and Soul yesterday (January 24).

Crucial issues to be aware of include grinding teeth, decay, dry mouth, inflamed gums and ulcers, so there is plenty to think about for all Australians.

A problem many people have is that their dental care products are considered out of sight out of mind, tucked away in a cabinet.

By keeping your toothbrush, paste, floss and mouthwash all clearly on display in a wall-mounted bathroom caddy organiser, you might be reminded and encouraged to take better care.

Posted by Molly Sinclaire