5 Facts That Prove Healthy Teeth Means a Healthy Body

5 Facts That Prove Healthy Teeth Means a Healthy Body

It might seem that the connection between healthy teeth and a healthy body is pretty speculative. However, in recent years, a growing number of medical and dental experts have carried out research and concluded that a very real link exists. So, taking care of your teeth and gums is more beneficial that just giving you a sparkling white smile.

The basic idea is that the bacteria that create common gum diseases can infect other parts of the body, leading to inflammation in other areas. This leads to a deterioration in your general health. Alternatively, having healthy teeth and gums tends to inspire self-confidence, positive thinking and ultimately, a much healthier lifestyle.

At Happy Teeth, we promote the dual benefits to all of our patients. We offer dietary and nutritional counselling to help people change their eating habits, as well as heavy metal assessments. We are also extremely thorough when examining the presence of oral infections and allergies.

But how can healthy teeth make such a difference to your overall health? There are several examples, supported by detailed scientific studies that point to the link.

5 Health Facts to Consider

  1. Healthy Oral Health Help Prevent Heart Disease – having healthy teeth may seem completely unconnected with a healthy heart, but the facts beg to differ. According toseveral studies, inflammation in gums can lead to cardiovascular conditions, not least heart disease and even strokes through the over-growth of toxic oral bacteria, which are responsible for bleeding gums and periodontal disease. Simply by cleaning your teeth, the bacterial threat can be reduced.
  1. Healthy Oral Health Aids Better Memory – in 2009, periodontitis, a gum condition which often follows gingivalis, was found to impede memory and certain cognitive skills in adults. Ina research published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, it was discovered that elderly patients with periodontitis performed poorly in memory and calculation exercises compared to those with healthy teeth. A good alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash can help you maintain a better memory.
  1. Healthy Oral Health Helps Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis – bleeding gums and other forms of gum disease have an influence over the chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis, a2012 study showed. The study revealed that participating early-arthritic patients with the fewer teeth (ten or less) developed more severe arthritis six months later than those with more than ten teeth.
  1. Healthy Oral Health Helps Control Diabetes – another unexpected benefit of having healthy teeth is its apparent contribution to controlling diabetes – particularly the highly common diabetes mellitus strain. The connection has been known for a long time – so much so that dentists already refer to periodontal disease (periodontitis) as the “sixth complication of diabetes”. It’s believed that preventing periodontitis with a healthy low-sugar diet helps control blood sugar, and therefore control diabetes.
  1. Healthy Oral Health Helps Pregnancy – strangely, there is also a link between healthy teeth and a healthy pregnancy. Research has pointed towards a link between gum disease and the risk of premature births, with the bacteria entering the bloodstream and targeting the foetus.

It’s clear that good dental hygiene can do a lot more than maintain healthy teeth. A healthy diet that is low in sugar-rich foods, and regular flossing and brushing every morning and night can drastically reduce the chances of developing either periodontitis or gingivalis, and therefore help to avoid developing other serious conditions.

For more on how your oral health is linked to a healthy body, we at Happy Teeth would be very happy to fill you in. Contact us today.