Woman undecided on what to eat

The biggest obstacle to health: Our beliefs

Every few years there seems to be a health craze from a particular person who purports to have found the Holy Grail to health. Low-carb high fat, low-fat high carb, “essential supplements” for weight loss and, of course, medications. Drugs to suppress appetite or speed up your metabolism. The Paleo diet, the Bikini diet or the “Eat right for your …

The long road to recovery

By world standards, Australians we are well-educated community and health-savy bunch. Ask them what it takes to live healthy and they will readily mention the importance of a balanced diet, regular exercise and having downtime to de-stress from our “always on” lifestyle. What if we did everything we are meant to do but still feel extremely fatigued and tired? It is often at these cross-roads that patients need the guidance of an open-minded health practitioner to search the clues for answers. Looking at routine blood tests, reviewing patient scans and performing a physical examination are simply a starting point for diagnosis. Ask questions, lots of questions and search for the “WHY?”